About Suzi

I am passionate about health and wellbeing. I trained as a lawyer, worked in financial services and I have Masters degrees in Women’s Studies and Public Health. I have devised behaviour change campaigns for governmental and third sector entities.  

Now, I am a Certified Holden QiGong Teacher. I am accredited through the British School of Meditation and a graduate of davidji’s Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher Training Academy.

My story: I was a crisis meditator for a number of years; tinkering around the edges and meditating with one eye open, looking for a magic bullet, or perhaps a magic wand. I developed my daily meditation practice after a bereavement and have not looked back. It is my anchor in life. It helps me navigate life, the good and the bad, supporting me through anxiety-filled situations and reminding me to savour the happy times.

I worked in the financial services industry for a decade. I also worked in healthcare, in the private sector and for the NHS. Add into that mix the demands from family and all the other pressures and constraints we face every day and I look back and wonder how I coped for so long without a meditation practice. The truth is I was barely surviving…

Meditation is the first step in my daily routine of self care. Self care is not selfish, it is essential. I meditate not to become a good meditator, but to make the rest of my day better.

I am trained in a number of different meditation styles. I teach secular stress-reduction practices, mantra, mindfulness, loving-kindness, body scans, visualisation, contemplation and other meditation techniques.

I fell in love with Qi Gong during my very first class – how I felt during the class and more importantly (for me) the difference in my body, energy levels and mood afterwards. I knew I wanted to find out more and relished every step on my teacher training journey. I am proud to be a graduate of Lee Holden’s School of QiGong. Lee successfully blends Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Western perspective on exercise, health and wellbeing. I am thrilled to be a Certified Holden QiGong Teacher and share my passion and love of Qi Gong with you.

My daily practice of meditation and Qi Gong has made, and continues to make, my life better and I want to help you feel better and burn brightly too.


“If you are not consciously directing your life, you will lose your footing and circumstances will decide for you”

Michael Bernard Beckwith

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The Burning Brightly flower

Burning Brightly Meditation and Qi Gong is embodied by the lotus flower and the sun. The lotus flower represents all of our inherent possibilities, starting its life at the bottom of a muddy pond, growing to reach the light above the water and thrive. We all have the potential to flourish and succeed and to make this the norm, rather than the exception. The sun signifies energy, growth and warmth. It encapsulates our essential being, our very essence. Together, the lotus and the sun capture the vibrancy and vigour which become your physical and emotional base line when you incorporate a consistent Qi Gong and meditation practice into your life. Burning brightly means to shine and be your authentic self!