It feels important now, more than ever, to look after ourselves

Looking after yourself is essential not only for your own health and wellbeing, but also for those around you. No-one can pour from an empty cup. Qi Gong and meditation have been shown time and time again to improve our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing on a number of levels.

Practicing Qi Gong and meditation regularly can help address chronic and acute stress, improve fatigue and sleep problems, balance hormone levels, assuage the symptoms of menopause, manage weight and skin issues, and build confidence and self-worth. All the while working on finding the patience and kindness we know is within our hearts.

Classes currently on offer:

  • Qi Gong: fully guided class suitable for everyone irrespective of age, fitness level or experience (usually one hour)
  • Qi Gong for Menopause: fully guided class focusing on (peri)menopause symptoms ~ hour long qi gong set followed by acupressure and meditation. These are Qi & Tea classes ~ stay for a cup of tea, home baking and a chat. Women only.
  • Ageing Well Qi Gong: organised in partnership with Ageing Well, East Lothian Council and NHS Lothian. These classes are designed for an older population where all moves can be done sitting or standing. Classes are subsidised by ELC. Please email if you wish to attend.

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*Please book online before attending a class*

Qi gong classes are in-person. It is way more fun connecting with others and helps increase our social engagement.

Class Packs are available offering a discount for regular attendees. Registration is still required for each class; class packs are not block bookings, they just make life simpler.

Please check the timetable for details of all qi gong and meditation classes.

One-to-One Sessions

One-to-one sessions are available for qi gong and meditation. Together we can find a practice which resonates with you, fits your schedule, addresses your health concerns and helps you feel better. These can be in person or via Zoom.

For all enquiries please get in touch.

Meditating with Suzi has deepened my practice. She is an inspirational teacher, knowledgeable and kind. 

Clare, Grace and Ease Meditation, Nottingham 

Qi Gong and meditation are safe and effective stress management tools. However, if you have any of the following conditions – Clinical Depression, Bipolar, Epilepsy or Schizophrenia – and you are under the supervision of a GP or mental health care professional and you do not currently meditate or practice Qi Gong, please discuss this with them and let them know your intention to join a class.