Burning Brightly Meditation & Qi Gong

Burning Brightly Qi Gong & Meditation

We all want to feel better, fitter, happier with more energy and less stress. The fundamental principles of our health and wellbeing are simple, effective and accessible to all of us.

Our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are encapsulated in seven categories, identified by the extensive research undertaken by Stanford University. The categories are interconnected – focusing on one will make you feel better but will also help improve another area of your health.  

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A consistent qi gong and meditation practice satisfies ALL seven categories

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Far too often we find ourselves in a state of overwhelm. We sadly normalise the near constant stress in our lives. Qi gong is meditation in motion and can generate a state of relaxation. In qi gong we slow down to calm down.

We all are aware how important it is to move our body on a regular basis. Exercise does not have to be high intensity or sweaty or exhausting. Qi gong is a low impact form of exercise incorporating stretching and slow flowing sequences.

The brain is like any other part of our body; we need to use it or lose it. The gentle flowing moves of Qi gong often require us to move in different ways and coordinate breath with movement, helping maintain good cognitive function.  

We all know how great it feels waking up refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Qi gong not only lowers our stress levels and calms our nervous system, it also allows us to increase our yin energy – the energy we need to fall asleep, and stay asleep throughout the night.

Despite being more connected than ever, we can at times feel isolated or lonely. Scheduling a regular qi gong class in your diary is an easy way to increase your social contact and make friends. Burning Brightly runs Qi & Tea classes where you can stay for a cuppa and a blether.

It can be confusing figuring out the never-ending maze of ‘healthy’ foods to consume. Following a simple qi gong outlook encourages you to think about not just what you eat, but how you eat, where you eat, and when you eat. These all influence the impact of our diets on our health.

A regular qi gong and meditation practice helps you pause and appreciate the simple pleasures; reflect on those you care about and how grateful you are for all the riches and abundance in your life.

Qi gong and meditation may be ancient practices, but they remain perfect for your health and wellbeing today

“If meditation is what you want and dream of going deep into the basic or advanced spheres of meditation, than you have a great guide in Suzi! She is a very wise teacher and beautiful strong personality, highly engaged and involved. A valuable guide in journeying towards that thread of balance, stillness and silence, resting deep inside, that we are all looking for!”

Daniela B, Italy
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